Use Numbers! CX Metrics+Revenue Estimators+ROI Calculators = Convinced!

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Oh, the Power! 1,000% Customer Experience ROI’s
August 25, 2015
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CX Metrics Matrix: High Impact or Low?
September 2, 2015

Use Numbers! CX Metrics+Revenue Estimators+ROI Calculators = Convinced!

Lori Carr Blog

The customer experience challenge has a few things in common.  Here’s what’s on your mind:  losing customers, declining account value, and spinning your wheels to prioritize customer efforts that make powerful impacts. You need to know where to start, what to do and how to stimulate higher customer loyalty – and revenues — while getting bigger returns on your investment.

It’s time to get out of the clouds and down to the ground with tactics that get real results – right now.  My upcoming webcast series takes you there.

 Don’t chitchat – or worse — beg bosses, colleagues and directs to focus on customers as though your business depends on it – NEWS ALERT — it does depend on it. No playbook to follow, best practices to implement or mentor to call. What a struggle — so let’s change that with the power of provable numbers.

Use your numbers! CX metrics, revenue estimators and ROI calculators convince the crowd! Yes, there’s proof.

With dozens of CX projects on your plate, choosing the right ones defines your success. This challenge begs other questions such as  — what does the company consider important? NPS, customer satisfaction, retention, account expansion? All metrics matter but the reality is, some matter more than others. High performance within specific metrics gets you completely different results.

You’ll get far more revenue and happier customers if you increase customer retention versus customer satisfaction. Click here to download the free CX metrics.

I categorize CX metrics into two groups — low and high-impact metrics. Increases in low metrics contribute – well, less to revenue — and high-impact metrics concretely impact the rise and fall of revenues.

Learn more at a new webcast series that changes everything about customer experience in SMB and big Fortunes 200’s. Stay with me! And stay tuned.

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