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  • "Lori Carr & Associates’ process was methodical and well thought-out. It involved the constituents and it had a specific outcome that could be delivered back to the organization."
  • "Through journey mapping the patient process, the Center uncovered many “moments of truth”—i.e., those instances during interactions with patients that form or change their impression of the Wellness Center—all along the patient lifecycle."
    Chiropractic Wellness Center
  • ““We were successful, and we thank Lori and Patty for the consultative collaboration, insight, and results that contributed to our success. They were a pleasure to work with, and I recommend them highly.”  
  • “Lori is great at making sure that you are measuring progress and are able to track your success to ensure the outcomes you were looking for!”  
  • “Lori was able to bring our average speed-to-answer to under 3 minutes and increased our client sign-ups by 20%.”
    - Jeff Thompson, General Manager
  • “Lori helped us to break down and understand the individual skills needed to provide outstanding customer service. She helped our staff grow into their roles as exemplary service assistants. From the front desk staff to our fuel line workers, Lori worked directly with everyone to increase the level of service they provide to pilots and guests. We’ve seen the positive impact service training has had on our customers at Northstar.”
    - Donald Avanzo, General Manager
    Northstar Aviation
  • “Lori reduced our customer support costs by nearly 50% and we secured a better level of customer service with the new vendor. Our customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention all increased during the process. Lori also led the effort to streamline Towerstream’s installation process enabling faster customer access to our broadband network. Faster service installation not only made our customers happy but also allowed us to capture revenue into the company faster than before.”  
  • “Lori consolidated 5 of our remote call centers into one central headquarter location. She reduced our operating costs by 20% while increasing our call quality – all of this was done in less than 90 days.”
    - Mark Washburn, Senior Vice President, Web Hosting
    Allegiance Telecom
  • “Lori Carr and Lauren Mackler did a great job creating and launching an important public relations and marketing survey to better understand women’s attitudes, core beliefs and preferences toward maintaining balance, beauty and self care. We used the results from our survey to generate a stronger, targeted marketing message and to promote more effective public relations. Lori and Lauren were very professional, knowledgeable and it was easy to work with them. They completed our project with quality, on time and on budget.”  
  • “Lori conducted a three-day call center leadership workshop and was able to help our team work more closely again as a cohesive and aligned group of leaders. She helped us to understand and leverage our differences and to use individual strengths to grow and best lead our employees. We improved our organizational results and want Lori to come back again and provide additional training. Lori’s call center assessment enabled us to better understand what was needed to improve our sales conversion rates and overall customer satisfaction.”