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    • “My Guest Services team spent 80% of their time fighting fires when Lori started as our CX consultant.  Six months later, we spend less than 5% of our time on fires and the other 95% focusing on delivering a superior client experience.  As the President of a luxury company, you look for partners who can do that for you and, for me, Lori is that partner. Lori led the team to create and execute an entirely new high-end service model for our exclusive, private aviation clients.  Within months, we were getting resoundingly positive feedback from clients and my sales team was freed up to focus exclusively on new business which resulted in one of the highest selling months in our history.  I feel we’ve entered into a new chapter and I couldn’t have done it without Lori.” -Stephanie, President, JetSuite   “Lori turned my department completely upside down and it was the best thing that ever happened to me - not only as a leader - but more importantly to the customer experience and how we take care of our clients.  Don’t hire Lori if you want the easy fix, hire Lori if you want to roll up your sleeves and do it right.” -Anaselia, Director Guest Services, JetSuite
    • “Lori is an extraordinary asset to any organization needing to develop and execute an advanced Customer Experience business model. She understands and remains current with CX best practices, technology and the entire customer life cycle. She fits in with the most advanced leadership teams and has the business etiquette and experience to maneuver through complex organizations.  I’d highly recommend Lori for your organization. You won’t be disappointed!” -Brandon, President & CEO, Global HR Research
      Brandon, President & CEO
      Global HR Research
    • “We hired Lori to lead a major, strategic customer experience initiative for Bombardier Aerospace, Flexjet division. Lori brought strong, strategic capability to our senior leadership team enabling us to systemically elevate customer experiences in our exclusive, world-class, private travel programs. Her customer experience background, along with a focused customer strategy and program leadership skills enabled her to be successful as the first Customer Experience Officer in private aviation.” -Deanna, Chief Executive Officer, Flexjet, a division of Bombardier  
      “At Flexjet, Lori had the challenging objective of elevating the experience of a clientele made up of the nation’s wealthiest individuals. As a seasoned customer experience executive, Lori hit the ground running. She quickly established and communicated her vision, garnered support, assessed early opportunities and collaborated to create and execute a plan. Lori’s confident, clear and diplomatic communication style enabled her to be highly effective in communicating with Owners and other senior leaders in the organization. Through a combination of listening and delivering, she was able to develop a significant level of trust that was instrumental in the retention strategy during the acquisition of Flexjet. I would highly recommend Lori to lead the customer experience strategy within another organization.” -Amy, Vice President Human Resources at Flexjet, a division of Bombardier
      Deanna, Chief Executive Officer
      Flexjet by Bombardier Aerospace
    • “We brought Lori in to provide added program leadership for a large scale change and training initiative with a portfolio of over 100 projects with multiple deployment cycles and aggressive timelines. She established a consistent and repeatable project and portfolio management process enabling effective tracking, reporting, risk assessment and mitigation, status communication and ultimately ensuring our ability to meet all deliverables. She provided coaching and transition support to the internal training teams to adopt the processes to enhance their capabilities long-term. Lori is an exceptional systemic thinker with the ability to build processes that are repeatable and sustainable ensuring execution delivery and quality management. She has excellent partnership, program leadership and execution capabilities with a true focus on adding value and driving to results. I highly recommend Lori to any organization facing a large scale change initiative to provide the leadership needed to define and manage a comprehensive program structure that delivers results against objectives.” -Doris, Executive Director, Training,  Morgan Stanley
    • “Lori conducted a three-day call center leadership workshop and was able to help our team work more closely again as a cohesive and aligned group of leaders. She helped us to understand and leverage our differences and to use individual strengths to grow and best lead our employees. We improved our organizational results and want Lori to come back again and provide additional training. Lori’s call center assessment enabled us to better understand what was needed to improve our sales conversion rates and overall customer satisfaction.” - Alicia, Director, Service & Sales, TheStreet  
    • "Lori Carr & Associates’ process was methodical and well thought-out. It involved the constituents and it had a specific outcome that could be delivered back to the organization." -Mark, Vice President of Sales and Service, Citrix
    • "Through journey mapping the patient process, the Center uncovered many “moments of truth”—i.e., those instances during interactions with patients that form or change their impression of the Wellness Center—all along the patient lifecycle."
      Chiropractic Wellness Center
    • “We were successful, and we thank Lori and Patty for the consultative collaboration, insight, and results that contributed to our success. They were a pleasure to work with, and I recommend them highly.” - Matt, Former Director of Marketing Communications,  Saint Luke’s Health System
    • “Lori is great at making sure that you are measuring progress and are able to track your success to ensure the outcomes you were looking for!” -Karen, Former Vice President of the Customer, MetLife  
    • “Lori was able to bring our average speed-to-answer to under 3 minutes and increased our client sign-ups by 20%.” -Jeff, General Manager, eFortress
      - Jeff, General Manager
    • “Lori helped us to break down and understand the individual skills needed to provide outstanding customer service. She helped our staff grow into their roles as exemplary service assistants. From the front desk staff to our fuel line workers, Lori worked directly with everyone to increase the level of service they provide to pilots and guests. We’ve seen the positive impact service training has had on our customers at Northstar.” -Donald, General Manager, Northstar Aviation
      - Donald, General Manager
      Northstar Aviation
    • “Lori reduced our customer support costs by nearly 50% and we secured a better level of customer service with the new vendor. Our customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention all increased during the process. Lori also led the effort to streamline Towerstream’s installation process enabling faster customer access to our broadband network. Faster service installation not only made our customers happy but also allowed us to capture revenue into the company faster than before.” -Philip Urso, CEO, Towerstream
      - Philip, CEO
    • “Lori consolidated 5 of our remote call centers into one central headquarter location. She reduced our operating costs by 20% while increasing our call quality – all of this was done in less than 90 days.” -Mark, Senior Vice President, Web Hosting, Allegiance Telecom
      - Mark, Senior Vice President, Web Hosting
      Allegiance Telecom
    • “Lori Carr and Lauren Mackler did a great job creating and launching an important public relations and marketing survey to better understand women’s attitudes, core beliefs and preferences toward maintaining balance, beauty and self care. We used the results from our survey to generate a stronger, targeted marketing message and to promote more effective public relations. Lori and Lauren were very professional, knowledgeable and it was easy to work with them. They completed our project with quality, on time and on budget.” - Teleia, Public Relations Manager, Crabtree & Evelyn