Sales Expansion

T he mission in sales is clear: acquire new customers, up-sell and cross-sell to current customers over time, and inspire them with products and services that create more realized value than competitors do. This is especially true for subscription-driven businesses that rely on high customer retention and renewals, cross-selling, and up-selling for up to 90% of future revenue, depending on their maturity. Sales expansion is a vital growth strategy.

While customer success colleagues focus on increased customer satisfaction and retention, we also want teams working together to expand sales and create referrals through outstanding proactive service and exceptional customer-centered experience, including proactive facilitation of product value realization.

We provide strategic perspective and trusted advice based on years of sales experience, proven methods, and sales expansion systems that work—helping to create and evolve a top-performing sales organization. Using best practices and our insights from a variety of industries, we steer you away from lost productivity, lost deals, and other common pitfalls, and guide you into a solutions-selling mindset that infuses your company’s culture with an attitude that generates profitable revenues and long-term customer value.