Customer Success

F or leaders in newly minted customer success organizations, the roles and responsibilities are evolving, but the mission is clear, especially for subscription-driven companies. Depending on their maturity, SaaS/cloud companies rely on customer retention, renewals, cross-selling, and up-selling for up to 90% of their future revenue.

The primary function of customer success remains constant: increase customer retention, expand sales, and create referrals by facilitating customers’ realization of product value, providing proactive customer service, and ensuring customer centered experiences.

We provide guidance to companies who want to establish or elevate customer success performance, and assist them to align priorities with customer success strategy. Our leading-edge perspective is based on years of experience and proven best practices that we’ve evolved as customer success pioneers with world-class, customer-centered brands.

Expanding that focus to include success metrics, we use what we’ve learned from various industries to guide your company away from common pitfalls and toward a culture of customer success with paths to profitable revenues and long-term customer lifetime value.