Executive Advisory

T he role of customer officer is still new, loosely defined, and evolving across all industries. Many customer executives are newly hired or promoted into this role with little or no directly related expertise or direction, and often lack the role-specific resources or proven strategies needed for success. Yet this largely unsupported officer is responsible for overall customer experience across the organization.

To be successful, a company’s customer officer needs CEO sponsorship and an appropriate authority level as well as the ability to design and implement customer strategy, influence peers, garner organizational support, and lead change to evolve a customer-centric culture that proves measurable return on investment. Expert advice and executive advisory enables success.

We provide strategic perspective and trustworthy executive advisory based on years of experience, along with best practices and work systems to help create and evolve a successful customer experience program. Using best practice strategy and lessons learned from a wide variety of industries, we guide companies away from common pitfalls and toward a customer-centric culture that considers every process and technology, while inspiring, engaged employees who align together so you can lead an organization to achieve long-term customer and company value.