Customer Strategy

A company’s most important focus is to create superior value for customers, supported by a customer experience strategy that inspires customers to stay longer, buy more, and tell others...

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Executive Advisory

The role of customer officer is still new, loosely defined, and evolving across all industries. Many customer executives are newly hired or promoted into this role with little or no directly related expertise or direction...

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Customer Retention Strategy

As seasoned customer officers, marketing chiefs, sales executives, and CEOs, we know the importance of high customer loyalty and its impact on brand reputation, customer retention, sales expansion, customer lifetime value, and company growth…

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Customer Success

For leaders in newly minted customer success organizations, the roles and responsibilities are evolving, but the mission is clear, especially for subscription-driven companies…

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Sales Expansion

The mission in sales is clear: acquire new customers, up-sell and cross-sell to current customers over time, and inspire them with products and services that create more realized value than competitors do...

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SMB Solutions

As a small or medium-size business, it’s challenging to get access to the latest customer experience strategy, frameworks, and solutions that big companies use—even though you struggle with the same issues...

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