SMB Solutions

A s a small or medium-size business, it’s challenging to get access to the latest customer experience strategy, frameworks, and solutions that big companies use—even though you struggle with the same issues. These big companies pay consultants hundreds of thousands of dollars for advisory as well as proven methods, systems, and frameworks that help to gain competitive advantage and leaderboard status with their brands.

We know that customer experience practitioners in SMB companies don’t have the resources to hire experienced top-dollar consultants or to buy expensive frameworks, so we’ve created products that offer affordable, yet highly relevant access to customer experience consultants through our Webcast Series, CX Mastermind Membership, and CX Group Coaching.

As customer experience, success, and service leaders, we know customers are vitally important to business success, but the truth is many companies don’t know how to create sustainable change that results in higher customer loyalty and revenues. Leaders talk about putting customers first, but when it comes to taking action that benefits a customer-centered experience, it’s a real challenge.

If you’re a customer leader, you may be wondering: Where do I start? As someone responsible for customer success, experience, or service, do you struggle to identify initiatives that will make the greatest impact? Is it difficult getting leaders and staff to engage in efforts that create higher customer loyalty? Do you find it challenging to obtain funding and budgets because you can’t show value or prove that the dollars you spend on customer initiatives create tangible results?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then our CX Practitioner Solutions are for you. We go well beyond white papers and self-help approaches, giving you access to strategic and tactical consultants who’ve led customer teams, just like you. We are practitioners who consult and we have solutions to your most pressing issues.

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