Global HR Research
November 19, 2018


“My Guest Services team spent 80% of their time fighting fires when Lori started as our CX consultant.  Six months later, we spend less than 5% of our time on fires and the other 95% focusing on delivering a superior client experience.  As the President of a luxury company, you look for partners who can do that for you and, for me, Lori is that partner.

Lori led the team to create and execute an entirely new high-end service model for our exclusive, private aviation clients.  Within months, we were getting resoundingly positive feedback from clients and my sales team was freed up to focus exclusively on new business which resulted in one of the highest selling months in our history.  I feel we’ve entered into a new chapter and I couldn’t have done it without Lori.”

-Stephanie, President, JetSuite


“Lori turned my department completely upside down and it was the best thing that ever happened to me – not only as a leader – but more importantly to the customer experience and how we take care of our clients.  Don’t hire Lori if you want the easy fix, hire Lori if you want to roll up your sleeves and do it right.”

Anaselia, Director Guest Services, JetSuite